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It’s more than online registration, it’s peace of mind.

Do you accept paper forms that you have to decipher and manually enter into a database?

Do you use registration software that confuses parents and generates lots of technical support calls?

With FamilyID, online registration is a breeze. Data collection is seamless and data sharing is secure.

You don’t need an IT department. Or some thick manual. Or some difficult training courses. We take care of the servers, the security and the support.

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Built from the ground up for your unique needs.


Manage Invitations and Assign Student IDs

Invite participants directly to any program registration form. Track who has and has not signed up for a program. Automatically pre-populate student ID numbers.


Eliminate Paperwork with Custom Forms

If you can type you can use FamilyID. Any form can be created in minutes. Collect the info you need securely without messy, redundant, impossible to read paperwork. Data collection is seamless. Parents enter their info directly into the system. You receive only 100% complete registrations.


Access Life Saving Data with Report Sharing

Give staff instant access to critical health and emergency contact info for participants should an emergency arise!


Stay Informed of Data Updates with Activity Log

Need to know who in your organization 'approved' a registration and when? Activity Log shows you the complete log of changes made to any registration. This includes changes made by both the family and your organization. 


Mobile App for Coaches, Instructors and Chaperones

FamilyID® Pro gives coaches, instructors and other staff the most efficient way to view rosters & emergency cards, track attendance, and send notifications to parents in real time!


Click the icons below to see how real schools streamline registration process for programs & activities.

Don’t rely on paper slips shoved into backpacks. Any form can be created in minutes. No more missing signatures or tedious data entry. If you can type you can use FamilyID!



We offer special pricing for K-12 schools.

Thousands of school administrators rely on FamilyID to streamline sign-ups for school sports, clubs and activities. Learn how we can help you today!

Contact us directly at news@familyid.com or 1-781-205-2800 ext 2.