FamilyID introduces a new paradigm in how families share their personal data.

As states enact legislation to ensure the protection of student data and schools grapple with compliance, FamilyID affords both schools and parents protection and compliance without compromising the rights of either.

FamilyID not only meets state and federal standards for data privacy at schools, but goes above and beyond to protect parents’ rights to their information.


A Safer Way to Collect Registrations

FamilyID is designed from the ground up to be a safer way to register for programs.

FamilyID takes the privacy of all information seriously and protects that information in a manner consistent with applicable law. With FamilyID, you provide your registrants more than convenience, but also peace of mind about the security and safety of their personal information.



A Trusted Community Partner

FamilyID is extremely proud of its standing on the forefront of data privacy and access for families. We are fully compliant with FERPA, a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, and our practices have been carefully and thoroughly vetted by attorneys for school districts and state agencies in the 43 states where we serve community organizations, school districts and families.



Highly Secure & Scalable Servers

FamilyID utilizes the world-class security, dependability, and scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your personal information. Our platform leverages the same infrastructure that supports the retail site.



Guarding Against Identity Theft

Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, availability and regulatory compliance of Non-Public Information stored, processed and/or transmitted at FamilyID is a requirement of all Authorized Users. This policy applies to information in any format, including electronic and hard copy.

To safeguard registrants against identity theft, every registration through FamilyID is followed by an email confirming their transaction.

FamilyID suggests families verify their browser is running TLS 1.2 or higher when registering.



World-Class Data Security

To provide the necessary security, servers are configured in accordance with SSL/TLS best practices. Our SSL validator gives us an A+ rating.

Data is stored in multiple databases and access to data is strictly controlled with layers of safeguards. All server instances leverage AWS Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC) functionalities and separate our network traffic from other AWS customers.

Formal security audits are performed by AWS. Internal reviews are performed on the policies and procedures that are not covered in those audits.



In Transit

We use TLS 1.2 for encryption for the transport layer and encrypt all user passwords. In addition to encryption during transit, data stored in FamilyID databases (multiple) is fully encrypted while at rest.



Industry Leading Encryption

Safeguarding your registration information and the personal information of your participants is one of our most important priorities. We automatically encrypt all sensitive information sent to and from our servers.

All access is password protected using industry best practice encryption methods: salting & hashing.



Secure Payment Processing

We offer payment processing through PayPal, Stripe and MySchoolBucks, so you get immediate payment directly into your PayPal or Stripe account. FamilyID does not collect or store credit card information.