We make YOU the boss of your family’s data. 

When you complete a registration on FamilyID, your data is automatically saved and you can re-use it again and again to sign up for subsequent programs.

FamilyID gives you full transparency to the data you’ve shared with any school or community organization.

Need to know when your registration was approved? Want to review the note the organization sent with it? You can view a complete log of changes made to your registration at any time in your FamilyID account. This includes changes made by both you, as the family and by the organization.


New to FamilyID?
Registering for a program is easy!

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If you need help, our friendly Support Team is available to help you 7 days a week via phone and email.

We believe everyone deserves the right to speak to a dependable, caring human being. We answer 100% of voice mail messages well within a couple of hours, but usually much faster than that!


Your FamilyID Bill of Rights

As the CEO of your family, you invest a lot of consideration, time and money signing up for programs and activities. When you register for these programs, you deserve care, convenience and security. That’s why we created the FamilyID Bill of Rights!



You have the right to re-use the information you've already submitted; you shouldn’t have to fill out the same form all over again. (So what if the paper form is blue this year.)



You have the right to keep your family’s private information in one safe and secure place, not stuck in an 11-year-old’s backpack or typed into some homemade website.



You have the right to use the information you entered for soccer registration when you sign up for ceramics. You may do lots of activities, but you're still the same family.



You have the right to update your information whenever you want -- whether you move, drop your friend Betty from the emergency contact list, or change a cell phone number.



You have the right to keep your sloppy handwriting a secret all to yourself.



You have the right to know that the second session of kickboxing is full before we waste hours in line. (But, spending the afternoon binge watching The Crown -- totally okay.).



You have the right to register for a jewelry-making class at 2:00am in your blue chenille robe and fuzzy slippers.



You have the right to have one easy to access place to see what you've signed up for and when it starts before missing the first day of your kiddo's long-awaited golf camp.



You have the right to refuse any online registration system that makes you click through 15 mysterious computer screens with no help in sight.



You have the right to be the legally recognized owner of your data on an easy, secure and convenient online registration platform.


View the organizations honoring the FamilyID Bill of Rights by providing convenient, secure online registration.



Do you need technical assistance with FamilyID?

Our friendly team is here for you 7 days a week. We’re always happy to help you! You can also find answers to many questions via our online Help Center.

You can reach us at support@familyid.com or 1-781-205-2800.