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Easier registration for everyone.


My name is Rochelle Nemrow. As a busy, over-scheduled mom (is there any other kind?), and the unofficial CEO of my family, I was frustrated with the inconvenient, repetitive process of registering my children for their activities. School, sports, camp, and recreation… I was filling out the same information on the same registration forms again and again and again.

I gave out personal data about my children on obscure web sites. I received forms by email, downloaded PDFs, and opened piles of mail — all to painstakingly fill out lengthy registration forms by hand and mail them back before the deadlines passed and the programs were full. I’d had enough!

At the same time, it's a time-consuming nightmare for program providers to collect all that information on participants.

I saw a way to take control of my information, my schedule and my time, while solving ongoing administration problems for program providers. That was the inspiration for FamilyID.


Founder & CEO

Rochelle Nemrow, Founder & CEO

Rochelle Nemrow, Founder & CEO