What can you REALLY do with those tiny scissors?


Chances are, you didn’t carve your Thanksgiving turkey with a Swiss Army Knife.

But, look at all the neat things you could have done with the tools in this seductive little package:

  1. Large blade and small blade = Carving turkey and chopping onions.

  2. Corkscrew = Required for all my non-screwtop bottles of wine.

  3. Can opener with 3mm flat-head screwdriver = Opens cranberry sauce and fixes loose handle on silverware drawer.

  4. Bottle opener with 6mm screwdriver, plus wire stripper and bender = Satisfies the beer drinkers and helps with any random electrical work.

  5. Awl for sewing and puncturing = Trussing turkey and punching a new hole in leather belt after that second helping of pumpkin pie.

  6. Key ring = Hooks knife to belt so I’m never without it.

  7. Tweezers = Cooking, personal grooming...the uses are endless.

  8. Toothpick = Not at the table, please.

Don’t get me wrong. There are times when an all-in-one product makes sense –– when the job just isn’t important enough to warrant a specialized tool. (The fax machine built into my all-in-one printer has never worked, but we’re not all that big on paper around here, anyway.)

However, if you’re responsible for running a program, you know that registration is mission-critical. Collecting detailed and often sensitive information about kids is a huge responsibility. An air-tight registration process is the basis for protecting participant safety, reducing liability, ensuring data privacy and creating a registration experience worthy of your organization (not to mention maintaining your own sanity!)

When our customers ask if we can address all their other, non-registration software needs, we’re flattered by their trust, but we stay true to our mission. After all, delivering the industry’s best online registration platform is the reason we’ve earned your trust to begin with.

I maintain a healthy skepticism about about the all-in-one products that on the surface can seem so appealing -- combination shampoo and conditioner, the free forms tool that comes with the website-builder, or the registration module in the facilities management software. They may be a bit like the corkscrew attached to the 3mm flat-head screwdriver that’s right next to the whittling knife. They’re great if you happen to be spending a weekend in the woods, but keep that thing away from my Thanksgiving turkey.

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