We built you a time machine.


We don't have to remind you -- registration information changes.

Mom got a new cell phone number.
Dad has a new job with a new insurance carrier.
The school nurse just approved a student's registration for fall sports.

Keeping track of all these changes, who made them and when, can create major headaches for the people who administer programs and activities.

If you run a program with 200 participants and don't have an easy way to know if someone's emergency contact has changed...well, that's enough to keep you up at night.

That's why we created our new HISTORY view. (We know you like your sleep.)

The new view is a log of the changes made to a completed registration. Now, you can see a complete log of changes made to any registration. This includes changes made by both the family and by anyone in your organization. 

Registrations with unreviewed changes are easily identifiable and when a family updates their registration, you receive an email with a link directly to what has been changed! You can also Mark changes as reviewed.

Click here to read more about this amazing feature. It’s pretty snazzy if we do say so ourselves!

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