KIAAA harnesses the power of user-friendly, centralized online registration


Empowering professional development with the click of a button!

We're thrilled to announce FamilyID's new partnership with the Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association! The KIAAA has selected FamilyID online registration as their one-stop tool to streamline membership enrollment and professional development workshop sign-ups.

The KIAAA is committed to delivering on its promise to develop, enhance and preserve the educational values of interscholastic athletics.

“FamilyID is a much more user-friendly experience for our membership enrollment,” says Marc Haught, Executive Director of the KIAAA. “We selected FamilyID because it’s an easy, time-saving solution for our administrative staff, and it’s also a great tool for our members to store, re-use and update their personal information so they can instantly sign-up for subsequent KIAAA programs, workshops or events.”

Automating membership enrollment allows the association to become more administratively efficient and environmentally responsible while making the process more convenient for members!

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