FamilyID is supported for use in K-12 schools by all RICs and BOCES in New York State


FamilyID announced today that all 12 Regional Information Centers (RICs), organized under and administratively aligned with New York’s 37 Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), will offer the FamilyID online registration platform to the districts they serve. FamilyID is the only online registration platform for programs and activities to be supported by all RICs and BOCES throughout New York State.

The approval process included a review of FamilyID’s data privacy and data security policies and practices, its adherence to the New York State Education Department Student Data Privacy Bill of Rights (Parents’ Bill of Rights), as well as requests and reviews from New York schools.


“We are proud that FamilyID meets these high standards for technology and customer satisfaction,” said Rochelle Nemrow, Founder and CEO of FamilyID, “and we are thrilled that every school district throughout the state that is served by a BOCES can now purchase FamilyID as a supported service.”

New York State’s RICs provide administrative and instructional technology services to 1.5 million students in 700 school districts across the state. The RICs/BOCES will aid funding of FamilyID for schools in districts across the state as one of the many technology solutions they make available to schools.

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