Good coaches change games, great ones change lives


What is the real value of coach education & certification in public schools?

Perhaps a better questions is, what is the value of children's safety, growth and development in public schools

Coaching is about more than just the game. Coaches play a critical role in the development of athletes beyond health, endurance, speed and physical ability. Coaches also play a role in developing the values of teamwork, leadership, responsibility and confidence.

The role of the coach in facilitating positive youth development cannot be understated. Student-athletes rely on coaches for structure and guidance. That is why proper coach education and training are essential to the success of a interscholastic sports program. An education-based athletics program truly helps support the educational mission of schools while promoting learning and better citizenship.

Proper coach education ultimately provides a safer environment for student-athletes. Programs such as the NFHS Coach Education and certification initiative provide student-centered curriculum for interscholastic teacher/coaches, assisting them in creating a healthy and age-appropriate athletic experience.

Coaches who have received proper education and training are better equipped to reduce the chances of injuries and concussions and better prepared to handle these issues when they do occur.

What options are available for athletic administrators who can't get funding for Coach Education & Certification?

  • Try to make sure coach education is mandated in district policy (inclusion in policy can help ensure funding)

  • Equate coach education with professional development

  • Organize and run a fund-raiser to cover the cost of coach education and certification

  • Seek donations from booster clubs

  • Look for corporate sponsors or business partners

Athletic Departments that ensure proper education and certification of coaches are taking an important step toward reducing risk for their school district while also reducing the chances that student-athletes will suffer serious injuries.

Student safety is a top priority and schools must follow more regulations than ever to keep students informed and protected. Part of that responsibility is ensuring coaches are properly educated and certified.

Below is just one example of how many schools streamline the process of collecting and tracking coach registration and certifications on FamilyID.

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