Success Story: Severna Park High School, MD


Severna Park High School has a reputation for consistent success in academics and athletics. Much of this success can be attributed to staff living up to the school's mission: empower all students to think critically, communicate and solve problems effectively, and become lifelong learners.

Key to this mission is fostering positive connections between students and staff to ensure kids are actively engaged in their learning. For Severna Park, creating these strong connections means families, communities and school staff all work collaboratively to support positive student outcomes.

In short, it takes a village.

In the athletics office, Athletics Director Dave Lanham could have used the help of a village to process the piles of paperwork his staff had to manually process at the start of each sports season. He turned to FamilyID's online registration platform to automate the sign-up process for the school's athletics programs. In the interest of working collaboratively, Dave knew the online registration partner he chose would need to ease the administrative burden on his staff while ALSO meeting the needs of parents, athletes and coaches.

And FamilyID did just that.

FamilyID has completely changed our registration process in a positive way. Parents like the ability to register student-athletes in a secure and easy online format. I like that I have up-to-the-minute updates on registration and the ability to give coaches access to their registered players days and weeks before tryouts begin.
— DAVE LANHAM | former Athletics Director, Severna Park High School

The flexibility of FamilyID's online registration platform allowed Severna Park to customize their registration forms, save significant time on repetitive administrative tasks and improve communications between families and the staff in the athletics office. Improved communication leads to stronger relationships. Families appreciate a single sign-on for all activities at the school while the school enjoys easy form set-up, registration management and reporting.

It didn't take long for the staff at Severna Park to realize FamilyID could bring value beyond sports sign-ups. Using FamilyID to replace other paper forms the school exchanged with families and adding a sign-up form for Boosters meant no more paper waste plus a big increase in Booster memberships. More memberships means more ways to enrich the athletics program and community at large.

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We have also added additional athletic department forms and Severna Park Athletic Boosters registration to the site for a one-stop-shop. As a result our Booster membership increased and the payment method has become electronic.

Success breeds success, as the saying goes. Severna Park was the first school in Anne Arundel County to pilot FamilyID in spring 2015. By the fall in that same year, all 12 schools in the county had adopted the new online registration platform.

Severna Park is part of an innovative educational system that believes a safe, supportive and orderly learning environment is key to creating opportunities for students to practice and succeed in making responsible and effective choices.

Here at FamilyID, we're thrilled to be the choice of Severna Park High School and to contribute to the collective success of such a special school community.



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