Success Story: Scarborough Athletics, Maine


With a mission to provide a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment where all students are able to thrive, Scarborough High School in Maine takes seriously its responsibility to provide a safe atmosphere both on and off the field.

For the Athletics Department, that means gathering data regarding allergies, concussions and other health concerns that could affect student athletes.

Scarborough High School was used to a paper based registration process for sports programs. Hundreds of student athletes submitting mountains of messy paperwork was expensive, inconvenient and chaotic for school staff. Not only did paper forms mean countless hours of extra work, it made it difficult to ensure the school had the most accurate and up-to-date health information about their student athletes.

Prior to the 2015 fall athletics season, the Department of Athletics and Activities reassessed their process of athletics registration. There was clearly a need to streamline the sports signup process in a way that created efficiencies and ensured more accurate record-keeping for the safety of his student athletes.

Our department was registering more than 800 kids a year via paper registrations. Coaches had to have kids fill out their own emergency cards in hopes that everything was accounted for. After moving to FamilyID, not only did it save our department hours of work at the beginning of each season, it has helped us maintain much better record keeping and has given us the ability to help our coaches be more organized as well.
— JORDAN FERREIRA | Scarborough High School Athletics, Maine

Moving to FamilyID online registration meant huge time savings for both families and school staff. Parents are happier with the ability to register online and the Athletics Department saves countless hours of redundant administrative tasks.

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We truly believe FamilyID has changed the way athletic departments run and I would recommend it to any and all athletic departments. FamilyID is always updating and advancing their software to help better suit the needs of the user and is always willing to answer questions when there is one.

One of Scarborough’s greatest promises is the safety of its students. The Scarborough High’s Athletics Department can now rest assured knowing critical student information is up to date and that staff has real-time access to health and emergency contact information on the FamilyID platform.

We, at FamilyID, are proud to play a role in helping keep the community safe.


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